99% Chlorine-Free, Coconut-Clean!

Our signature filter combines the qualities of coconut shell activated carbon plus activated carbon fiber for superior and efficient filtering. Our filters are compact, light, fit inside the handle and are easy to replace.

Chlorine Removal

Our signature filter uses advanced technology along with a blend of activated carbon fiber and coconut shell activated carbon, removing 99% of chlorine and odors from your shower water. Showering in healthy, pure water will leave your skin and hair more smooth, healthy, and vibrant.

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All of our filters are made with repurposed coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded. Even more, the filter is engineered to maximize water pressure while minimizing water use. The water flow goes through a “pinching-process” that enhances water pressure, providing a delightfully stimulating shower spray and saving water at the same time.

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Our filter can process about 20,000 gallons of water compared to the average filter capacity of 5000 gallons. The filter only needs to be changed about once a year, not to mention our filters are compact and easy to replace. The Mizsei Filter Shower Head is more cost effective than other leading brands.

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Why Shower with Mizsei?

Innovative Shower Head

Engineered to maximize water pressure and minimize water use.  The fine spray is generated by 206 water holes on the shower head which are only .02 millimeters in size.

Low-Maintenance Filter

Our filters are compact enough to fit inside the handle and are easy to replace. 20,000 gallons of water can be filtered with one filter, compare to the average filter capacity of 5000 gallons per filter.

Comfortable Grip

The handle is slim, light, and easy-to-hold since the filter is located inside the handle instead of the shower head.

 How Chlorine Removal Prevents Dry Skin

Although chlorine is beneficial in removing bacteria and other harmful components from your household water, it can also be damaging to your skin and hair. Chlorine strips away the body’s natural oils. Chlorine’s oxidizing action damages the structure of proteins and keratin in the skin cells which form a barrier layer for the body. As a result the skin cannot hold moisture. It becomes dry and permeable to harmful elements in the environment. By removing as much chlorine as possible, we help to keep your skin from drying out.